Washington Redskins: Do Most Fans Really Know & Understand The History Of This Team????

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The Washington Redskins franchise has 3 Super Bowl titles in their almost 80 years of existence, besides a good 10 to15 year stretch with the likes of Joe Gibbs, Bobby Bethard, and Charley Casserly. If fans go look into the team’s history going back to the early years and they will see the same inconsistent teams looking to find a way to get to the win and get to the next level.

    I’m sure this article is going to rub some the wrong way or maybe even piss some people off, but it has to be said to some of this fan base that’s part delusional due to the current state of D.C. sports media and “The Glory Days” rhetoric that occurred in the ’80s and early ’90s. Unrealistic expectations by fans and clickbait reporting by the D.C. sports media hasn’t helped the narrative. I’ve called out several local media about this and nothing seems to change, so I have to call them on their BS also.

Things have changed in the NFL big time since then, yet we have certain outlets, radio stations, and so-called “journalists” that would rather incite the “couch GM’s”, the negative fans or folks that honestly know nothing about football or sports but listen to these folks on the radio and swear it’s gospel…because they’re on the radio. But I digress…The addition of free agency, the amount of money that’s being made by the players and owners, the rule changes to aid the offense and change of culture all make it harder to build a winner, let alone a dynasty. I’m gonna break a few things down on why the Redskins are where they are and why it’s hard for them and most teams in the league to make it to the next level.

The thing that kills me the most is this whole #FireBruceAllen movement, and if you ask most fans why they feel this way…..they just regurgitate what they hear on T.V or radio. I know I’m in the minority but I don’t have a big issue with Allen as most do, I’m not saying he’s perfect or the long term answer, I’m just saying a lot of things go into a successful franchise and trying to pin the blame on one person is just plain stupid. Then the next asinine thought process of signing a petition to force Daniel Snyder to sell the team even though he’s done nothing the last 5-8 years but open his wallet and ask “What Do You Need To Win”.

Granted when he took over the team he treated it like a fantasy football team instead of an NFL franchise, hired Vinny Cerrato to run the team who knew nothing about being a GM, but he’s learned from his mistakes and if some fans think he’s gonna sell the team….because of a petition…..or them being upset…..NOT.

Bruce Allen bought in Scot McCloughan to improve the scouting/draft dept., which he did successfully.
Unfortunately, Scot didn’t last, but the scouting dept has and has paid off – another good move by Bruce.

  For all the gloom and doom fans and media folks, things aren’t as bad as they’re being reported. The salary cap room the team will have will be about 30 million this offseason after some of the subtractions to the team. Players like Trent Williams, Josh Norman & Paul Richardson are all but guaranteed to not be Redskins next year and that coincides with the youth movement that we’ve seen since the bye week. The Redskins are looking to have a top 5 pick in this upcoming draft and without a 2nd round pick, they may be looking to trade that pick and acquire more picks in a talent-rich draft, ( from what I’ve been told ) which could help fill some much-needed holes on this roster. 

We’ve seen the younger players get in the game and make an impact and gain some much-needed experience plus it shows the team if they should keep a player or look elsewhere to replace him. Since Bill Callahan has taken over we’ve seen more accountability, improvements in all phases of the game and finally seeing some of the talents on “paper” actually showing up on the field on game day. One of the reasons I put some of the blame on the local media is because they constantly point out the negative, post clickbait articles or continue to beat a dead horse instead of moving on and telling why the team is where it is and why. Hence….one of the reasons for this article.

The last great coach for this franchise. The only coach in NFL history to win 3 Super Bowls
with 3 different QBs and RB’s.

 If some of the fans go back and study the history of this team they would know that there’s always been a certain amount of dysfunction, controversy, indecision, and just plain old bad ideas. The “Glory Days” I spoke of earlier, 1982-1991 was a great time to be a Redskin and a Redskins fan. When Jack Kent Cooke hired Bobby Bethard and got a true football mind running the show things were headed in the right direction. When Bobby hired Joe Gibbs the final piece of the puzzle was added and the rest is history. Once Bethard left and Charley Casserly took over and continued the winning tradition for a short time.

Once free agency started in the NFL, everything changed, from the pay scale, roster makeup, the ability to lock down players for a majority of their playing career and gave the players the choice of where to and how much to play for. With this sudden change to the NFL had ripple effects throughout the league and franchises, Redskins being one. Once before George Allen traded away draft picks for veterans because he didn’t like rookies and it actually worked and they made the playoffs and eventually went to face the Miami Dolphins in their undefeated season and came up a little short.

Another staple of the franchise is quarterback controversy, and many say if Sonny Jurgenson would’ve started the game instead of Billy Kilmer…..it might’ve been the first Super Bowl for the franchise instead of 10 years later under Joe Gibbs. Back to the point of bringing this up, when Vinny Cerrato followed the same path but with free agency, things went horribly wrong and put this team in a bad position in several areas. Talent-wise, salary cap, culture at the park and point-blank losing.

That’s one of the reasons why I don’t have hate for Bruce Allen because of the clusterf**k he inherited and trying to repair. Granted he’s not perfect and has made some mistakes and missteps but in my opinion, he’s done more good for the franchise then bad.

      I bring up the D.C. sports media because their negative outlook on this team no matter what’s going on just to sell papers, get listens on their show or reads on their clickbait articles that give a false narrative and gives fans a skewed point of view of this team. Now granted, the team has its dysfunction and issues but the way the media portrays/words things doesn’t help or give a fair assessment of this team.

For instance, the last 6 games under Bill Callahan has been ugly at times but for the most part, we can see some of the talent “on paper” actually showing up on the field, we see Dwayne Haskins improving week to week, the youth movement learning and gaining experience and a different level of compete. Saying all that, what do we see from the mainstream D.C. media, articles and shows about how bad Bruce Allen, or how Daniel Snyder needs to sell the team like that’s gonna solve anything if they don’t fix the dysfunction at the park….which I feel they are. It may not be at the pace most would like or want…..but it’s progress no matter what.   This negative media spin is why I started SportsOTHP, to inform and educate fans on football, the team and all of D.C. sports.

Everything isn’t gloom and doom around Redskins Park, even though that what they want you to believe. I spoke earlier in the article about some subtractions to this team going forward and that includes on the salary cap. The way it’s looking now the team will be around 30 million under the cap next season which means they’ll have plenty of money to sign their draft picks and maybe a quality free agent to fill one of the holes on this young team. The possibility of them trading back to gain more picks seems plausible also.

    My ideal scenario for this offense going into next season is signing Callahan to a two-year deal to stay Head Coach, allow Kevin O’Connell to gain experience as an Offensive Coordinator and growing/developing with Haskins and the young receiving core to help gain chemistry and knowing each other strengths and things to improve on and keep some stability and continuity to the team, the franchise and it’s players. Now that we are finally getting a TRUE assessment of this team and its players they can truly look to fill some needs in this talent-rich draft which also can help this team in so many ways and going forward.

The foundation is there, the coaching is there and apparently, the talent is there, just has to be developed and added to and then we could possibly talk about this team being good for a sustained amount of time and not just a season or two then falling back to the bottom of the division.  This is a crucial time for this team and franchise, the right moves need to be made so the cycle of dysfunction and losing can come to an end for a sustained period and change the narrative of one of the worst franchises in all of sports. We know……winning solves all.

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